The Shady Llama is re-opening!

The Shady Llama was built for social distancing! Our space lends itself well to the new COVID-19 measures required by the state and recommended by health experts. However, changes to our normal process still have to be made, and while some may be more welcome than others, all have the goal of providing you with a safe and enjoyable experience while keeping our community healthy and thriving.

With that in mind, we are excited to share that you can, again, enjoy a sunset and a glass of beer or wine at The Shady Llama beginning on Friday, June 5th with a Social Space Reservation.

Why reservations?

We want to ensure that those who trek from both near and far can arrive at The Shady Llama with the assurance that they will have a designated table, a place to park and a relaxing time. Reservations are the best way for us to do this and make sure our team is ready to serve you in the safest way possible. A reservation fee will apply and ranges from $5 to $25 depending on the selected space.

What does the reservation include?

All non-alcoholic beverages are included in the reservation fee and guests will be provided with table service by a member of our team who will maintain at least 6 feet of space from guests at all times. Included non-alcoholic beverages are Bottled water, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Diet Coke, Saint Arnold Root Beer, Topo Chico and a rotating weekly “mocktail.” Additionally, every spot has plenty of space to social distance, a view of the hill country, and partial shade (either from tree cover or an umbrella).  Tables and chairs will be sanitized before and after each party.

What is not included in the reservation?

Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase but are not included with the reservation fee. There will not be a food truck onsite at this time, but food may be brought in and we encourage our guests to patronize a local restaurant or food truck. (Please visit our Local Food tab for a list of restaurants and food trucks providing take-out options.) Please no outside beverages. Additionally, please be aware that the llamas may visit the bar fence, but we cannot guarantee a llama sighting.

How many people are allowed in each party?

Six. This includes children and is required by the state. We have three levels of Social Space Reservations, Large (5-6 guests), Medium (3-4 guests) and Small (1-2 guests). The reservation fee varies depending on which level is selected. Because you will be able to choose your space, larger groups can use our site map (below) to select adjoining spaces for safe socializing. However, parties with adjoining spaces must still maintain 6 feet between each other and rope barriers must not be removed.

Map showing social space reservations


How do you book a Social Space Reservation?

As noted above, a reservation is now REQUIRED to visit The Shady Llama. Reservations can be booked for the upcoming week at the link below. Social Space Reservation fees are also noted below. We will announce on our social media (Instagram/Facebook) when reservations are available for booking. We plan to release all reservations for the weekend on the Monday before. (Reservations will only be accepted through the ToastTab booking page. We are not able to make reservations by phone, email or message.)

Social Space Reservation fees:

  • $25 for spaces that will accommodate 5-6 guests
  • $15 for spaces that will accommodate 3-4 guests
  • $5 for spaces that will accommodate 1-2 guests

(children should be included in the headcount)

Quick Note:  We are using a ToastTab “take-out” system to book reservations and you may see things like “Pickup for now,” or a time when your order will be ready. Please disregard. As soon as you purchase the reservation, your selection and contact information will be provided to us. You will receive a receipt via email confirming your table, date, time and selected headcount. The day before your visit, you will receive an email from us reviewing our COVID-19 Rules & Procedures which can also be found on the COVID-19 tab on our website.

What days and times are reservations available?

Beginning on June 5th, we will introduce our “Sunset Seating” reservations:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings (6PM-10PM)

  • Guests may arrive beginning at 6:00PM and should plan to arrive no later than 7:30PM*
  • Sunset is at approximately 8:30PM
  • Drink service will end at 9:30PM
  • All guests must depart by 10:00PM

*guests who have not arrived by 7:30PM may forfeit their table and reservation fee unless prior arrangements have been made

Beginning on June 13th, we will introduce our “Happy Hour” reservations:

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons (1PM-5PM)

  • Guests may arrive beginning at 1:00PM and should plan to arrive no later than 2:30PM*
  • Drink service will end at 4:30PM
  • All guests must depart by 5:00PM

*guests who have not arrived by 2:30PM may forfeit their table and reservation fee unless prior arrangements have been made

What if there is not a space available on my desired day and time?

A waitlist will be kept if needed. To be added to the waitlist please email us at

What if I need to cancel?

Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to receive a refund. To cancel a reservation, please email us at

What about rain?

In the event of rainy weather, cancellations may be made on the same day. We will reach out to you (at the email address provided when booking) should weather develop that requires the bar to close prior to your reservation time. If bad weather develops during your reservation and you are unable to enjoy your space, a refund of the reservation fee will be provided.

Are we still kid-friendly?

Yes! Social Spaces are delineated with ropes to encourage social distancing and provide boundaries for the kiddos (we call it “free range lite”). Parents are expected to supervise their children at all times and must accompany any children under 12 when moving around the property. Please note that our kids’ play area will be barricaded as required by the state. However, we do have several spaces specifically designed with extra space for kids to play which are noted as “kid-friendly” in our reservation system. We encourage you to bring your own toys as long as they don’t leave behind a mess or pose a risk of intruding into other guests’ space. Good ideas = board games, dump trucks, shovels, blocks, dolls, and action figures. Bad ideas = confetti, glitter, slime, and balls. Please be aware that there are several spaces around the patio for 1-2 guests that we specifically note are “not kid-friendly” and would discourage guests with children from booking these unless you are confident your child will be able to stay seated. Please remember that children of all ages are counted in your party size.

Are we still dog-friendly?

Yes! Dogs must still remain leashed at all times and should stay within your reserved space. If your dog needs a walk or a potty break, we’d encourage you to use our parking lot rather than the walking paths. Please remember to bring doggy bags to dispose of any dog waste. We also have several dog water bowls around the space but you may prefer to bring your own and fill from the faucet.

Do we require face masks?

Masks are strongly encouraged when moving around the property but are not required at tables. Our staff will be wearing masks because we care about you. Wearing a mask when moving about the property shows that you care about us and your fellow guests and helps us keep The Shady Llama open. Should a member of our staff test positive for COVID-19, we will be forced to close for a minimum of 14 days. We are working to keep your families safe and we appreciate you extending the same consideration to our families.

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Shady Llama!

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, we would encourage you to reach out to us at


As always, since our space is all outdoor, we do occasionally close if the weather is unsuitable for outdoor activity. Check our Instagram/Facebook pages for updates, and Google/Yelp for hours.