(as of June 12, 2020)

Masks:  Face masks or coverings are currently REQUIRED TO ENTER and when moving around on the property. You are not required to remain in your reserved space for your entire visit, but please do not enter other roped-off social spaces. Please maintain six feet from other parties while enjoying the property. Masks may be removed once inside your roped-off social space.

Restrooms:  A member of our staff will be available to wipe down high touch surfaces regularly. A mask should be worn while entering the restroom facilities due to the tight quarters in our breeze way. Young children must be accompanied by an adult.

Llamas:  When the llamas are present, they can be approached at the fenced corral near our water tank. Please do not enter a roped off social space to see the llamas. Guests are welcome to visit and take photos, but should form a line, if necessary, so that only one party at a time is in the llama viewing area. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please remember that llama sightings cannot be guaranteed as our llamas come and go as they please. 

Children:  We are family-friendly and want to stay that way. Your children are free to move around within your designated Social Space but should be supervised by a parent if elsewhere on the property. Any issues with children violating social distance rules may result in the entire party being asked to leave. Repeat issues could force us to re-evaluate our kid-friendly policy until we are able to resume normal operations. 

Party size:  As required by the state, parties cannot exceed 10 people. Please do not combine social spaces unless approval has been given by the bar manager on site. After a few drinks, social distance sometimes shrinks, however, our alcoholic beverage permit can be revoked if we do not enforce the required social distancing measures and other state rules applicable to bars. Please help keep this from being an issue. If repeated reminders are required, you may be asked to leave.