A NOTE: Our animals roam the acreage and we allow them to come and go as they please. During the warm Texas summers, our llamas and donkeys are less active as they prefer to find a shady spot to escape the heat. While they do occasionally turn up at the bar to visit with customers (usually early in the afternoon or near sunset), llama sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Dolly – Head Mama Llama in charge. Loves neck rubs and kisses (if you dare).

Odin – Sometimes he’s a big gray fluff ball and sometimes he has a mohawk. His favorite things are getting sprayed with the water hose and taking selfies.

Sadie – Sometimes called Shady Sadie. An excellent giver of side-eye who wishes she was in charge.

Anastasia – As much like a Russian princess as a llama can be. Unapproachable and generally distrustful of the llamarazzi.

Barley – Our bouncy baby was the first llama born on the property (a surprise!) and loves laying in his kiddie pool on the hot summer days. He’s 3 years old and is almost as tall as his mom.

Bing – Our newest llama and our most senior lady, Bing (full name: Bada Bing!) joined us in September 2020. She’s 17 years old, graceful, and loves treats.

Elsie – Our not-so-mini donkey has a big belly and a bigger heart. She is not here for any llama nonsense but she’ll gladly take a rub and a snack if you’re offering.

Galena – Baby Gal is petite, but her spirit is not. She loves charging the llamas and hogging the camera. If she’s not kicking over buckets, she’s waiting at the fence for a head scratch.