A NOTE: Our 9 llamas and 2 miniature donkeys roam the acreage and we allow them to come and go as they please. During the warm Texas summers, our llamas and donkeys are less active as they prefer to find a shady spot to escape the heat. While they do frequently turn up at the bar to visit with customers (the best time to catch them is near our opening time), llama sightings cannot be guaranteed.



Tootsie – The newest member of our llama family, Tootsie was born on Halloween, 2022 (hence her full name: Tootsie Roll!). She loves sprinting around, hanging close to her mama (Saison, the brown llama behind her), and all things spooky.


Witbier – “Wit” was a surprise baby born in March 2022 (fun fact: llamas have a 350-day gestation period; not so fun fact: they’re very good at hiding their pregnancies). He’s growing fast and is very curious about everything. You’ll usually see him near his mom, Malbec, if he’s not busy trying to tackle the other llamas.

Dolly – Head Mama Llama in charge. Loves neck rubs and kisses (if you dare).

Sadie – Sometimes called Shady Sadie. An excellent giver of side-eye who wishes she was in charge.


Anastasia – As much like a Russian princess as a llama can be. Unapproachable and generally distrustful of the llamarazzi.

Barley – Now our largest llama, Barley was the first llama born on the property (a surprise!) and loves laying in his kiddie pool on hot summer days. He’s 5 years old looks very similar to his mom, Dolly, though his eyelashes are more glamorous.

Bing – Our most senior lady, Bing (full name: Bada Bing!) joined us in September 2020. She’s 20 years old, graceful, and loves treats and full hose-downs. You can tell her apart by her mismatched white legs.


Malbec – one of two sisters who joined us in early 2022 (her sister is Saison). Little did we know that both girls came to us pregnant! Malbec is the mother of Wit, and generally puts up with his shenanigans. In the summer you can usually find her standing in a trough that’s entirely too small for her.


Saison – sister to Malbec (Saison on the left, Malbec on the right in picture above), she’s the newest mama-llama in our herd. Proud mother to Tootsie, Saison is the most vocal of our llamas, and will often “hum” for you.

Our “Miniature” Donkeys


Galena – Gal may technically be a miniature donkey, but her spirit is not. She loves charging the llamas, hogging the camera, and getting up to mischief. If she’s not kicking over buckets, she’s waiting at the fence for a head scratch. She joined us as a baby in 2017.

Elsie – Our not-so-mini donkey has a big belly and a bigger heart. She is not here for any llama nonsense but she’ll gladly take a rub and a snack if you’re offering. Nine years Galena’s senior, she tries to keep her adopted little sister out of trouble. (Distinguishing tip: Elsie is brown, Galena is grey)

Llamas We Will Miss


Odin – Odin passed in early 2022. He was a big gray fluff ball who sometimes had a mohawk. He loved getting sprayed with the water hose and taking selfies. He was a goofy, loving llama who will be greatly missed.